Family Addiction Education in Warwickshire

Our family addiction education is provided at a separate location away from the residential facility but in parallel to the residential rehab placements.

It is really important that we provide family addiction support so families have a better understanding and awareness of addiction which also then gives the person with the addiction problem the best possible chance of a successful on-going recovery.

"When a family member or friend is able and confident to provide the correct support and encouragement to an addict or alcoholic it can have a significant and positive effect in assisting them in their recovery."

The family addiction education we offer can help remove the feeling of isolation and give families the opportunity to ask questions about addiction, addiction treatment and recovery.

Our family addiction support and education can also help families to explore their own circumstances and give them insight and skills to support themselves and their loved one’s sustained recovery when they leave our residential addiction rehab.

The family addiction education includes topics such as:

• Working Together
• What is Addiction
• Rehab Treatment Programme
• Aftercare and Recovery

The family addiction education will address any questions about addiction, addictive behaviours and also suggest ways to approach aftercare and sustained recovery for the benefit of both the family members and the person in recovery.

Aftercare for residents and for the families is so important and it's one of the key aspects we discuss in the family addiction education.

We give families information about the suggested additional support available for residents when they leave ESH Community, we outline what families can expect, what on-going family addiction support and aftercare we provide and how best families can support their loved ones in recovery.

Our family addiction support is delivered by people who have their own personal experience addiction and recovery.