Maison's Story

I was completely lost before I arrived at ESH.

Life was purposeless and all hope had been lost.

I was leading a selfish lifestyle just taking what I thought the world owed me and giving nothing in return.

Life was no longer worth living it seemed I came to ESH with the hope of gaining a new perspective and it surpassed every expectation.

Without taking 4 weeks out of the madness called life, I'd still be aimlessly stumbling around, spiritually and emotionally void.

If you're fed up of being stuck in the same vicious cycle of addiction and want a change to give you the best possible start in recovery, I'd look no further.

Staff and residents all help each other and the aftercare system is considerate and extremely helpful.

If you're ready to embrace a huge change of living, then this is the place to do so.

Learning about yourself is the most useful lesson I've ever learnt.

Truly awesome people, terrific staff and you'll always be welcomed back with open arms and plenty of love.