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Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Warwickshire

Welcome to ESH Community, a non-profit alcohol and drug rehab in Warwickshire. 

We're not in this for the money. We're in this to get you or your loved one on the road to recovery. Our team are fully trained professionals who also have their own stories of addiction and recovery. Our strength is combining the two, resulting in our high success rate of sustained recovery.

We're ready to listen and support you. Let's have an informal chat about yourself or your loved one today.

"It is absolutely essential that individuals are in a safe and trusted rehab environment when they start to address their root cause issues"

Our residential drug and alcohol rehab was commissioned by Public Health England (NHS) in 2017 and is overseen by the Care Quality Commission

We take a balanced approach to your recovery with modern medical techniques to assist with your addiction alongside emotional coping mechanisms to start the mental healing process.

"Before you commit to any other drug or alcohol addiction rehab please give us a call so we can explain why we are the most competitive and successful addiction treatment centre."


Where is ESH Community?

ESH Community is based in Southam, Warwickshire. We're surrounded by the countryside, creating the ideal setting for a successful, sustained recovery. We're away from everyday distractions. We've got good travel links, with the M1 and M40 being nearby. Or you can get to us via train, with several train stations nearby. We may also be able to assist you with transport if necessary.

How Much Will Treatment Cost?

We understand the need for affordable drug and alcohol rehab, which is why we keep our prices compeitive.

For straightforward information about pricing, call us for an informal, no-obligation chat with the team.


Call us confidentially 01926 811702 or use our Contact Us form

Residential Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab

ESH Community is a residential alcohol rehab and drug rehab that feels like home for our residents. 

Our residential alcohol rehab and drug rehab has a high sustained recovery success rate. Here is why:

  • We limit our resident numbers for a personal focus on each individual 
  • Our team are dedicated to your personal recovery
  • Regular 1-2-1 counselling with our experienced addiction counsellors 
  • Combined professional support and peer support in a community working towards the same goal
  • Distraction-free environment located in the countryside
  • A safe space to explore the underlying issues relating to your addiction
  • 24/7 in-house support
  • Ongoing unlimited aftercare support for residents and their families

What Makes ESH Community Different?

"Recovery from addiction is about the care, support and understanding that every staff member can give to the person with the problem and to show them how they can live again."


We're a non-profit alcohol and drug rehab centre so our sole focus is you and your care in addiction recovery.

But don't just take our word for it. Our 5-star reviews tell the story of ESH Community and the impact of our alcohol and drug rehab services.

Your Staff

Our staff are all experienced in addiction support, and many have found their recovery as previous residents of ESH Community.

The founder of ESH Community, Paul Urmston, is in recovery himself. He was inspired to help others, starting ESH Community in a small office 15 years ago. Now, we as a team provide compassionate addiction treatment and rehab to individuals across the UK. 

Our treatment at ESH Community is done with care and by staff who understand the journey that is addiction recovery.

The Location


Nestled in the heart of Warwickshire, our location is the idyllic setting for your recovery. Hundreds of people have found peace here at ESH Community.

We’re based at Holt Cottage Farm, surrounded by the rolling countryside. Our location means that we can make the most of the outdoors during your stay.




Multi-cultural Support

Alcohol and drug addiction has no boundaries. Each culture has to cope with its own stigma of drug and alcohol addiction. 

Our multicultural support covers all religions, faiths and beliefs. We tailor your treatment plan and stay to your needs. 

Our team is always open to discussing your specific requirements for your treatment. 

We promote the principles of mutual respect, openness, honesty, trust and equality in all our addiction support programme activities. 

Our Addiction Treatment Services

Medically-Assisted Detox for Addiction

During your medically-assisted alcohol or drug detox, our team is on hand 24/7 and monitoring your health.

Your medically-assisted detox and admission to rehab are supervised by our specialist addiction psychiatrist, Dr Jas Grewal

Following the detox period, you will be guided through your drug or alcohol treatment plan at ESH Community.

Read more about medically-assisted alcohol and drug detox.

Alcohol Rehab

Following an alcohol detox period, alcohol rehab is essential. The goal of alcohol rehab is to address the root cause of the addiction and find the long-term solution to your successful recovery.

Read more about our alcohol rehab services.

Drug Rehab

Drug rehab is the next step following a drug detox. It’s the stage where together, we begin the process of addiction rehabilitation. We work with you to identify the underlying issues causing you to want to ‘use’ drugs.

Read more about our drug rehab service.

Rehab Aftercare

Recovery is not a destination, it’s a journey and our rehab aftercare supports you every step of the way. Your care from ESH Community does not end when you leave the centre. Our team stays in touch with you, checking in on how you’re finding recovery outside of the ESH walls. 

Read more about out rehab aftercare.

Addiction Family Support

Alcohol and drug addiction take a significant toll on personal relationships. Family support for addiction is a critical part of the recovery process. 

We can also redirect you to your local Al-anon and FamAnon groups that meet weekly to support those affected by addiction.

Read more about addiction family support.

"There are infinite ways we can enjoy life; one way is accepting others in their way" -- Satyadaya


Call us confidentially 01926 811702 or use our Contact Us form


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