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ESH Community is an independent not-for-profit organisation. We have low overhead costs, we don't need to make a profit so this enables us to offer our competitive prices without compromising the quality of service and the high standards that have achieved our on-going track record of success.

The minimum length of stay at our treatment centre is 28 days (4 weeks), anything less does not allow sufficient time for us to work with our residents to address the root cause of their addiction issues.

The cost of a fully inclusive 4 week (28 day) placement at our residential treatment centre including any medically assisted detox required is £7,975.

If circumstances allow we would recommend longer placements which can be up to a maximum of 12 weeks, the cost of any additional weeks after the initial 28 days is £975 per week.

If you compare the length of stays and our fully inclusive prices against other commercially driven rehabs you'll see we are one of the most competitive and we have incredibly high success rates for sustained recovery, and that's what really matters!

"Before you commit to any other rehab give us a call so we can explain why we are the most competitive and successful."

All our dedicated staff have chosen to do what they do because they have a passion to help others in recovery.

Service Providers

Our prices for longer stays fit within most local authority and service provider budgets. For more information on our recommended length of stays and rehab only placements please give us a call to discuss. 


ESH Community has an incredibly high success rate.

Measuring how many people complete their residential stay or placement is not a real measure of success, it's far more important to look at how long someone stays clean after residential treatment.

"Our key measurement of success is sustained recovery, which is basically the length of time ex-residents stay drug and alcohol free after completing our residential programme."

There is no evidence whatsoever that spending more money gives you a better result, in fact the inverse can sometimes apply if the rehab is simply a hotel style environment without a focussed programme of support and professional addiction counselling.

However, there is evidence that longer stays in treatment, with the right level of support from professionals who have lived experience of addiction does achieve better sustained recovery rates and it is the sustained recovery success rate that's key to forging new lives.


In the UK the cost and quality of drug and alcohol residential treatment varies tremendously depending on type of placement (fully or quasi-residential), the facilities provided and obviously the length of stay.

We pride ourselves on providing support which is second to none at a price which is competitive and gives our residents the best possible chance of their sustained recovery from addiction after leaving residential treatment.

If anyone should relapse, which can happen from time to time, we provide the essential ongoing support to get them back on track.

In our experience residential stays of 1-2 weeks are very unlikely to address any of the underlying emotional issues or root causes of someone's addiction behaviours. This is because for the majority of the time the resident may either be physically detoxing or in an highly sensitive emotional state which doesn't allow us to start productive counselling or group therapy sessions.


We support families and individuals with the facts so they can make informed decisions about the different treatment options available.

When considering other rehab options it is important to understand what is actually being provided, higher cost does not necessarily correlate to the recovery success rate.

"We can save you thousands of pounds by providing the most effective overall treatment that offers the best possible success of long term recovery from addiction."

We're confident that our residential treatment offers the best possible combination of length of stay, comprehensive treatment package and a proven track record of success at a competitive price that doesn't compromise the quality of our service.

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