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Family Addiction Information in Warwickshire

We support families and individuals providing the real facts about addiction and recovery so they can make informed decisions about the different addiction treatment options available.

We're NOT commercial, we're small, we care and our experienced professional staff get people well!

Our family addiction support staff provide general advice and guidance about how to approach a loved one with an addiction problem who is perhaps still in denial.

When considering the addiction treatment rehab options it is important to understand what is actually being provided, higher cost does not necessarily correlate to a better recovery success rate.  .

"We can save you thousands of pounds by providing the most effective overall treatment that offers the best possible success of long term recovery from addiction."

We understand that addiction can destroy families and affects everyone close to the person including parents, siblings, partners, spouses and particularly any children involved who can suffer longer term impact on their mental health and wellbeing.

We also understand the stigma, isolation and the guilt that family members can carry associated with drug and alcohol addiction in the family.

We know it's difficult to open up and talk to anyone about the problems you are facing so we provide family addiction support to help families explore their circumstances and identify possible solutions.

"Family members can sometimes feel helpless especially when someone they love is destroying their life. However, family members can have a positive effect if they receive the right family addiction support and guidance."

We have been providing family addiction information and support in Warwickshire for family members of people with addiction problems for over 10 years and we totally understand the issues it raises in families and what is required for families to rebuild their relationships and trust.

We also advise families on how to get additional family addiction information and support for themselves.

When the person with the problem has made a decision to tackle their issues and perhaps agrees to come for an initial pre-admission visit to the rehab we encourage families to attend with them.

During the visit we aim to answer any questions that families and the person with the addiction problem may have to allay any concerns or fears by providing realistic family addiction information and guidance.

Family Comments

"Family support is also catered for we attended meetings to help us for when they come home these where most informative."
~ Mother and father

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