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Drug Aftercare Rehab in Warwickshire

Sustainability is vital and we provide the essential ongoing drug aftercare support to achieve that.

There are many many people who manage to stop drinking, gambling or using drugs for periods, sometimes long periods of time. The problem isn't the stopping, it's staying stopped that is the issue. Drug addiction is a progressive illness. It never gets better. Unless addressed it just gets worse.

"Drug aftercare for our residents when they complete their placement is essential and our on-going comprehensive drug aftercare support is included with all our drug treatment placements."

The key measurement of our success is sustained recovery, which is basically the length of time ex-residents stay drug and alcohol free after completing the drug treatment programme at our residential rehab in Warwickshire.

Our drug aftercare incorporates follow-up 1-2-1 counselling sessions, telephone support and regular on-going alcohol and drug aftercare groups supported by staff and other previous residents who also attend.

There is also the opportunity to join current residents and staff at external meetings which they regularly attend.

We are people who have experienced the horrors and terrors of addiction first-hand, so we have a practical understanding of drug addiction and addictive behaviours, we treat it as an illness, it is NOT a weakness.

"When residents complete their placement at our residential rehab in Warwickshire they become part of the ESH Community wider recovery network with the on-going mutual support of our other previous residents who pass on practical experience and support each other in recovery."

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