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Complaints and Compliments Policy


Our aim is that all people who use our services have an excellent experience. However, we recognise that sometimes there may be concerns about our services. There are also instances where we receive compliments.

Complaints and compliments provide us with an opportunity to look at our services and where necessary make improvements.

Our aim is to feedback to the person who has raised the complaint or compliment in a timely manner. The most effective way to contact us is locally through one of our staff or by telephone.

ESH Works will continually monitor complaints and the nature of them.


Feedback, whether complaints or compliments can be given to any staff or volunteer, either in person, by telephone, email or letter.

We would like to deal with any feedback informally where possible, however, if requested the staff member or volunteer will formally register the feedback and highlight it to the appropriate manager or director at ESH Works using the Complaints and Compliments Report Form.

Formal complaints

  • Any complaint will be investigated and a response will be given within 3 working days to the person raising the complaint.
  • If the complainant is still dissatisfied with the response provided then a formal meeting will be arranged to review the situation with a senior staff member.      
  • We aim to have all complaints where possible, resolved within 20 working days.
  • Where resolution takes longer than twenty days because the complaint is still being investigated, the complainant will receive a letter explaining this.


  • We will provide feedback on any compliments we receive.

If you have any questions about this policy and procedure please talk to a member of staff.


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