Family Addiction Aftercare in Warwickshire

When your loved one has decided to address their addiction problems they have made a big decision to look at themselves and their behaviours and to try to change.

We provide the environment where residents can learn about themselves and their emotions in a safe place and identify what needs to change.

When they leave our residential treatment with this new found knowledge and awareness they will need to practice this new approach to life.

We support both the person with the addiction problem and the families during this aftercare process.

"This on-going aftercare support and guidance we provide for families has an incredible impact on the recovery success rate of our residents which is currently second to none."

Recovery from addiction is on-going, the principles of recovery that we give to our residents need to be practiced on a daily basis. Although it may seem selfish, when people leave residential treatment they need to focus on themselves and what they have learned, they must place their recovery from addiction first in order to maintain their wellbeing.

We understand that families will feel apprehensive when their loved one returns home or back into a family environment and that’s totally understandable, there will still be the fear of relapse in the initial months after leaving treatment.

"If family members have any worries or concerns or are simply wondering what approach to take if an issue arises we provide ongoing telephone support."

Families need time to adjust and it’s so difficult to not over protect your loved one, they will need time to establish their own approach to living free of alcohol or drugs practicing their new teachings, so they need space to do this.

Family Comments

"We had a lot of questions that they were able to answer to our satisfaction. This whole experience was vital in getting my husband to agree to go into rehab and follow through."
~ Wife

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