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Safe Medically Assisted Detox


Drug Detox Rehab in Warwickshire

Most people who are using or taking drugs will experience a withdrawal syndrome when they stop using. Symptoms will be physical and psychological/emotional, including anxiety, paranoia and insomnia.

Physical withdrawal symptoms occur because the body has become dependent on the effects of the specific drugs.

Withdrawal symptoms can be very unpleasant- which leads to craving- and then back to using drugs for relief of the symptoms.

During the pre-admission risk assessment prior to admission at our rehab in Warwickshire any medical risks are considered along with an individual’s suitability for our overall drug treatment programme. The pre-admission assessment ensures that all necessary medications are immediately available on admission.

Medically Assisted Drug Detoxification 'Drug Detox'

On admission the prescribed drug detox medication is given when withdrawal symptoms start. Further medication is then given (every hour if needed) to ensure that the drug detox withdrawal symptoms are well controlled.

The withdrawal symptoms are monitored regularly, and more medication can be given as required- particularly if there is any difficulty sleeping.

The rehab team of professional staff support at our rehab in Warwickshire and monitor residents 24/7 safely though any medically assisted drug detox. The staff ensure that any drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms are well controlled.

‘Drug detox’ is only the initial stage in the treatment. It is essential that all residents engage fully with the residential rehab drug treatment programme after detox is completed. The subsequent therapy process will identify underlying emotional issues which caused the addictive behaviours.

Most importantly, the residential rehab's drug treatment programme will give you a plan for a happy, healthy drug-free life.

Each resident undergoing drug detox is regularly monitored throughout the day and withdrawal signs/symptoms are recorded. At night-time, residents undergoing drug detox sleep close to our staff observation office so that they can be effectively monitored.

Cannabis Detox

The cannabis withdrawal syndrome can be very difficult for some users. Withdrawal effects can last several weeks and include anxiety, restlessness, depressed mood and insomnia.

We provide a safe and supportive environment to treat cannabis dependence/addiction. A medically assisted cannabis detox typically involves the administration of a Benzodiazepine medication over the course of 7-10 days alongside psychotherapy.

Cocaine Detox

Cocaine withdrawals are characterised by acute dysphoria, irritability/anxiety, increased desire for sleep and exhaustion. The main psychological issues include anxiety, restlessness, agitation/irritability and paranoia.

A medically assisted cocaine detox typically involves the administration of a Benzodiazepine medication over the course of 7-10 days alongside psychotherapy.

The cocaine detox process also involves rest, drinking plenty of fluids, having good food and doing regular managed exercise to give the body the right environment to repair and recover.

Heroin Detox

Withdrawal from Heroin and other opiates is generally not dangerous but can be very unpleasant/uncomfortable. We prescribe the appropriate medication to ensure that residents have a comfortable detox.

Heroin withdrawals are best managed with a medically assisted opiate detox. A combination of a strong opiate and Benzodiazepine medication is given 4-5x daily over the course of 10-14 days to manage Heroin withdrawals.

If residents are admitted on a high dose of methadone (over 70mls) the detox period will be longer. Other drugs that the residents were taking will also affect the length of detox.

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