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What the families say...

Sue's Family Review... "Professional, Personalable, Supportive, Caring, Friendly, Communicative, Reassuring, Realistic, Amazing -just some of the words I think of when I think of ESH community and how they helped my son and our family more"

Amy's Family Review... "I felt a sense of relief and the feeling that some weight had been lifted from my shoulders. He understood immediately and offered a way forward more"

Claire's Family Review... "All the team within ESH were fantastic. We were supported as a family along the way and no question was a silly question more"

Vivienne's Family Review... "Throughout our contact with ESH we were treated to relaxed, kind, respectful, realistic and positive discussions. If we had questions or doubts, at any time they were happy to speak with us more"

Martin's Family Review... "The ESH colleagues are very professional and empathetic, they really care and work hard to help residents come to terms with their illness and reset their lives more"


What our residents say...

Graham's Story... "I couldn’t have done it on my own. The whole team put their heart and soul into my individual recovery as they did all residents more"

Gus's Review... "If you are looking for a real answer/solution to getting off and staying away from alcohol/drugs then I would seriously give this place consideration more"

Conor's Review... "If you want to really really make a change and make some meaningful change in your life, this is a place that can help you do it more"

Bens's Review... "I've never felt more nervous in my life before walking through that door, but the second I took that first step into the house, I immediately felt safe more"

Jim's Review... "It was very literally the best thing I've ever done: I now know how to be a part of life more"

Adam's Review... "Couldn't say a bad word about ESH, without you all I'd have not got the support I needed and what you all do is amazing more"

Tom's Thanks... "My time at ESH has been life-changing. I only pray that I have the strength to put into practice everything I have learnt here more"

Karl's Story... "I have found a family for life and made some great friends. I have a great life, now all I need to do is keep working the steps I have been shown more"

Bill's Story... "ESH gave me back hope, and my emotions came back. I learnt to cry again and I learnt to laugh again more"

Gavin's thanks... "I’ve been shown a new path that can allow me to be the best I can be, someone who approaches life on life’s terms and with a sense of positivity that benefits not only me but those who I have hurt in the past through my selfish urges more"

Maison's Story... "If you're fed up of being stuck in the same vicious cycle of addiction and want a change to give you the best possible start in recovery, I'd look no further more"

Paul's Thanks... "I thank ESH for giving me my life back more"

Darren's Story... "Before coming to ESH I’d been in active addiction for over 20 years and had reached a point in my life where I felt mentally/emotionally broken and spiritually empty more"

Andrew's Story... "I was spiritually, mentally and physically broken. I was at the jumping off point, I could not live with alcohol or without it more"

Simon's Thanks... "ESH came into my life at the point of no return; I had attempted to end my life; a victim of alcohol addiction more"

Stuart's Thanks... "All of the ESH Community staff actually care very deeply about us but it’s their humanity, love and support that make ESH a family more"

Dan's Thanks... "The decision to come to ESH Community was one of the hardest, most worthwhile decisions I have made in my life more"

Resident's Thanks... "ESH staff truly put their heart and soul into their work and it has made a huge difference in my life I can’t thank the ESH staff enough, it’s a debt I that I will not be able to repay more"

David's Story... "I awoke in an ambulance completely dazed and confused more"

Tom's Story... "The second I stepped through the door, an unfathomable calm came over me more"


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