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Bill's Story

My story with drug addiction started 20 years ago when I was 15 years old. Like a lot of addicts I hadn't had the best start to life and when I first found weed and party drugs they helped me forget the past and gave me a false confidence, the good times didn't last long though and soon I became addicted to heroin and crack cocaine.  

I managed to hold down a job as a carpet fitter but not without using every single morning, day and night. My drug use destroyed my family and drove away childhood friends.

It destroyed nearly every single intimate relationship I ever had including with my daughters mother, I couldn't even stop for my daughter who's now 6.

I was lucky enough to meet my wife who for the last 3 dark and painful years has stood by me seemingly seeing something in me even I couldn't see and things got progressively worse. I had tried everything to stop myself but just couldn't do it. I knew I needed rehab if I was to stand a chance. We rang around a few until we found ESH, and it just seemed right. I had s suicide attempt the day before checking in at ESH, it was that hopeless, painful and dark.

ESH detoxed me from 16ml of bupenorphine, 600mg pregabalin, daily weed, opiates, crack and amphetamines over ten days,  it was relatively painless the doctor who worked out the detox was spot on. ESH gave me back hope, and my emotions came back. I learnt to cry again and I learnt to laugh again.

The in-house one on one counselling broke me and rebuilt me, they were priceless sessions. I learnt who I am for the first time. The lessons in CBT, addiction awareness, assertiveness and relapse prevention have gave me the skills and tools needed to fight off cravings and begin to live life on life’s terms without the need to pick up.

What ESH has given me and my family is priceless.

I now wake up smiling, and at peace and the best bit is I don't miss drugs at all, I'm grateful to be sober, I didn't think I would ever get here. I now live one day at a time, enjoy the present moment, don't get over stressed and have an awesome network of friends all with a common cause... recovery

ESH saved my life and gave me the tools and knowledge and skills to continue saving it myself ... one day at a time.

I am truly grateful and I'm in love with life again.

All my love


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