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Amy's Family Review

I discovered the ESH Community as a family member looking for help.

As soon as I spoke to Paul on the phone I felt a sense of relief and the feeling that some weight had been lifted from my shoulders. He understood immediately and offered a way forward.

We visited next day and Sue showed such kindness, explaining that support for family members was part of their care.

I was impressed by the accommodation both indoors and outside. It is a small community which means there is more individual care and support.

This does not end when the resident leaves. There are weekly meetings for both current and former residents and if help is needed it is only a phone call away. We owe so much to Paul, Sue and the other support staff. They are amazing people.

I am so glad that I found the website for ESH. It was truly a life saver.

I would say to anyone in a similar situation to me just pick up the phone, go and meet them and you will find the help you need.


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